Release Workshop - time to clean the slate

Sat Jan 25, 09:00 - Sat Jan 25, 14:30
Prana Studio


Yes it's time to free from past setbacks.

Let go of stress, anxiety, trauma, fear, conflict, self-doubt and other

sabotaging conditions.

We offer you a combination of unique and powerful stages to thoroughly shake off the "stuff: that is holding you back, in a safe and nurturing setting. Learn our deep Processing, Breath & Mindfulness techniques to free capacity in your life. Claim your potential now. Create a life of better quality for yourself.

We have the treat of a singing bowl Sound Journey a integrative reward to round us off.

“My release work started 21 years ago & I’m humbled to say the last year has given me the deepest release and freedom” - Facilitator Aumji Kistan.

Investment: R550 including light lunch & live Sound Journey.

Bookings are essential so book your space to create more of the future to match your potential.

Also look out the our follow up workshop called Empower that is our next stage towards Self Mastery.


Release Workshop - time to clean the slate
Prana Studio
9a Crescent Rd, Parkwood, Randburg, 2193
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