EPiC Pretoria -

Wed Nov 27, 18:30 - Wed Nov 27, 22:30
Irene Country Club


As a valued Epic member and investor we would like to bring a few people into the room at this networking event to give you access to some Below market investment opportunities both locally as well as internationally.

-          Investment box

-          Property Assist

-          Prosperity Real Estate

-          Sourcing Investments 

-          Epic Network/ Legacy trained students that is sourcing deals to you

Through this mixture of people you will get access to Sheriff Auction listed properties (national) and other pre-negotiated deals; Assist property owners who require financial assistance through unique property investment products with solid predetermined returns; we will bring you a one stop shop for UK investment opportunities, Access to Bank repossessed properties and last but not least Deal opportunities presented by our own Legacy students.


An event not to be missed…



Grant Smee


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