The Year 2020 : How to Manifest & Measure Success | Future Females Port Elizabeth

Thu Dec 5, 18:00 - Thu Dec 5, 20:00
FNB Conference Centre, 8th Floor


Ever wondered How women lived their 'inspired' lives?

Or, how they seem happy and content because they are living their dreams?

It all boils down to this question - What does success look like to you?

And more importantly, How do you measure it? The good/bad thing is that there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question. This month’s event delves into intention and goal setting for the year ahead! We reflect on the past year and refocus ourselves on the goals for 2020.

In order to be successful, you need to define (and often redefine) what success translates to in your life. Planning for success enables you to actively measure your success against specific markers throughout the year. Stay on track and you can smash your success threshold every year! Your success planning tools become your success measurement tools! 

Join us as our captivating speakers guide and inspire you to go through the process of finding your purpose, setting your intentions, analyzing what you’ve done well, and identifying what you can continue to work on in the year ahead. Start early and begin working on your Success Plan for 2020 now, we’ll show you how!

P.S. Just so you know, our Success Plan 2019 includes seeing YOU at this exciting event as we end off this year with a bang! :)

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The Year 2020 : How to Manifest & Measure Success | Future Females Port Elizabeth
FNB Conference Centre, 8th Floor
16 King Edward Rd, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6055
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