The Crypto School Presents - Your ticket to Financial Freedom

Sat Jan 18, 09:00 - Sat Jan 18, 12:00
The Crypto School


Are you on-board to unlock wealth from the Fourth Industrial Revolution?


This event will serve as a platform to interact with each other and learn how to invest, store, and trade using crypto assets as well as act as a forum for networking and educational opportunities.

The program will be hosted by expert keynote speakers and experts in their field; Daniel van Zyl, Tertius du Plessis & Marius Adams.

Learn everything you ever wanted and needed to know about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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For the first time in Pretoria, hosted by The Crypto School

"Understanding and lecturing most of my life in the formally regulated FIAT currency environment I had to open an empty box in my head before the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency information could find space. I learned that the crypto information does not fit in any of my formal regulated currency environment boxes. You cannot fully grasp crypto with your FIAT thinking as the two are from opposite sides of the coin." Speaker Daniel van Zyl.

Your Crypto Tax Practitioner: "With over 30 years of experience in finance, tax, HR, supply chain, union negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, law, import and export in the traditional money systems of the world (FIAT), the transition into the Crypto world was the logical next step. With new opportunities awaiting, I am excited to be part of this migration into the digital financial ecosystems of the future." Speaker Tertius du Plessis

"My heart’s desire all my life was to be financially free and to teach others what I learned. Being financially free is not to have millions in the bank, but to have a system in place that provide a monthly income that sustains my desired lifestyle. The systems and methods that I have used as income generating assets are in the form of property, crypto currencies and gold. " Speaker Marius Adams

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The Crypto School Presents - Your ticket to Financial Freedom
The Crypto School
2021 Boendoe Ave, Pretoriuspark, Pretoria, 0042
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