Medusa Incarnate at the Raptor Room

Wed Dec 4, 20:00 - Wed Dec 4, 21:00
The Raptor Room


She’s a bad bitch with snakes for hair and a glance that turns men to stone, but literally only gets two lines in most mythology textbooks. Basically, her Wikipedia needs a serious update.

Standard Bank Ovation Award-winning Medusa Incarnate is a contemporary retelling of the Greek Medusa myth. Except, Medusa’s dead now and (spoiler alert!) so are you. Don’t panic - Medusa’s got you covered. From her pink plastic paradise, she’ll guide you through Hades. Turns out the underworld is more of a party than anyone expected, and actually, hell is just never getting to take off your heels. But like, ever.

Written by and starring Kate Pinchuck, Directed by Dara Beth, Sound design by Joshua Biggs.


Medusa Incarnate at the Raptor Room
The Raptor Room
79 Roeland St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925
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