10and5 Supper Club x Food Jam

Sat Nov 23, 18:00 - Sat Nov 23, 23:00


10and5 Supper Club is back!

After a small hiatus, 10and5 is bringing you our monthly Supper Club at SOUTE. The Food Jam style event ensures that eating the food is only part of the fun – guests are not only invited to eat the dinner, but to cook it too! In fact, guests are encouraged to get their hands dirty and get involved in the cooking process from start to finish. Add your own special brand of creativity into the mixing bowl, and let's see what we can make! Get the wine and creative juices flowing as as you try your hand at one of the Food Jam original recipes.

With Supper Club, we hope to create a warm and inviting space to bring together a group of creatives and collaborators in a fun and social evening. Supper Club creates a space for like-minded people to meet and socialise in a relaxed environment.

What better way to network than over a bottle of wine and a chopping board!

Join us at our Supper Club, to 'meet, greet and eat' with amazing creatives, and a bunch of awesome people!

Looking forward to seeing you there

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10and5 Supper Club x Food Jam
45 Yew St, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925
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