Springfontein Organic Harvest Celebration

Sat Mar 7, 09:00 - Sat Mar 7, 18:00
Ulumbaza Wine Bar(n) @Springfontein


Our First Organic Harvest Celebration on 7 March 2020 at Springfontein Wine Estate is a one day event, created to celebrate our vines, unique terroir and the hardworking women and men creating this unique product. During this day lovers of this unique place on earth and its wine will flock down the dirt road to spend a working day exploring our natural approach to wine growing and wine making. From the vineyard to our boutique cellar, followed by a brunch in the garden from 11am and our signature Pinotage & Chenin blanc. Savor unforgettable morsels sourced locally and made by our amazing Ulumbaza Wine Barn team. A sushi bar for the day too. 

Besides experiencing the vineyard early morning from 9am, cellar, wine tastings, winemakers and chefs, it is the true country and natural atmosphere that sets our farms 2020 Organic Harvest Celebration apart. Guests will find themselves unwinding in a picnic setting whilst being informed and inspired by passionate winegrowers, winemakers and ambassadors. A celebration is none without music. DJ Portia will be on the deck, keeping the celebration going. 

Book your pass today. R80 gets your place locked in. Our intimate approach only allows a small celebration. Book today to avoid disappointment. 

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Springfontein Organic Harvest Celebration
Ulumbaza Wine Bar(n) @Springfontein
8 Wortelgat Rd, Stanford, 7210
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