Sequence Vibrations Workshop

Sat Nov 23, 11:00 - Sat Nov 23, 14:30
Tranquility Mind Space Studio


Raising your vibration tuning within is an echo to each and every organ in your body this will send electro-magnetic pulses throughout your whole being whilst your brain will align the blockages that has been lost due to life’s circumstances we all endure.

The class will benefit the individual who is mostly under a lot of pressure, the one who needs to breath in good and positive energy, this will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, calm and peaceful.

Experience like minded people under one roof and built network relationship.

Suitable for all gender.

Depends how the weather forecast is we might be in the garden so please bring with you a picnic blanket, cushion or placement-mat. Wear comfortable lose cloths.

Regret no pets.

Refreshments will get served with light vegetarian nibbles.


Sequence Vibrations Workshop
Tranquility Mind Space Studio
145 6th Ave, Edenvale, 1609
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