Fired Up motivation

Sun Nov 24, 09:00 - Sun Nov 24, 19:00


The walk from FEAR to FREEDOM.

A day of motivation where u will learn the tools to step from fear into freedom.

We will take your mind on a journey.

You will leave feeling highly motivated, empowered, absolutely free, with a surge of increased confidence which will overflow into all areas of your life. We will end wity Walking on fire . This is such a profound experience and a powerful tool for personal transformation.

If you want to challenge yourself and take your life to the next level then join us on Sunday 24 November 2019 , Sunday at Thistlewoods in Gonubie, 9 am to 7pm for an exhilirating experience that you will remember forever!

You will:

- learn to focus on your quiet inner voice

- have a deeper connection to self - learn to trust yourself more

- be more conscious of your emotions

- expand your comfort zones

- be more self aware Taking that 1st step is the most difficult and scariest, but once you do , there's no turning back because you claim your power.

Fire gives us something powerful - a teaching and you take that fire with you in all you do for the rest of your life.

Fire is our teacher .


Fired Up motivation
2 Riverside Rd, Gonubie, East London, 5256
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