Philosophy For Living - 16 week course

Tue Jan 28, 19:00 - Tue Jan 28, 21:00
New Acropolis South Africa

Philosophy for Living course opening. There is more to life... take a journey and discover it for yourself.

Take a 16 class journey which is done weekly through a landscape of critical philosophical thinking that embraces finding meaning in life.

The Philosophy for Living course examines the thinking and cultures of different civilisations throughout history; leading us through the exciting discovery of people and ideas - opening our minds to new perspectives on life. The course is aimed to give you practical tools which you can apply in daily life to develop & grow as an individual, becoming more effective, and authentic.Concepts covered in the course: KNOW THYSELF,

• Ethics and Morality

• Voices of the personality

• Dealing with inner conflict• My destiny?

• Happiness or suffering?

• Leader lead thyself

• Human relations and ubuntu

• A new man for the new millenium

• Individual, society and community

• Universal ubuntu

• Myth of the cave; my place in society?

• Can we built utopia?• Morality and social law

• Exploration of political theory

• Community in ancient African life

• Revolutionize the future

• Cycles of time

• Connecting history and mythology

• Our future...

The full cost of the course is R 1500, or R 600 for students, and is payable as either a lump sum, or as four monthly installments over the duration of the course.

Take a 16 class journey which is done weekly through a landscape of critical philosophical thinking that embraces finding meaning in life.


What is Philosophy for Living? 

A: Philosophy For Living is a 16 week introductory course on philosophy. It gives one an overview of what practical philosophy is all about. It covers topics like 16-Fold Constitution, Buddha, Socrates, Plato and many more. The course comprises of syllabus of 14 topics and a practical exercise day.  

How long does the course run for? 
A: The course runs for 16 weeks for 2hours once a week, essentially each class will cover a separate topic. 

What time do I need to get there? 
A: Every week, you will need to get there by 19:00 and the course will run till 21:00. There will be a break in-between to grab a coffee or tea. 

Where will the course be held? 

A: The event will be at New Acropolis in Rosebank, between Herbert Evans and the Primal Gym.

What do I need to bring? 

A: Come through with comfortable clothing and shoes. Please bring a notebook or some paper and some writing material. Additional writing material will be provided just in case. 

Who may I contact if I have any further questions about the event? 

A: You are  welcome to contact Michael on 082 771 8459 or send us an email to [email protected], alternatively you may contact us through facebook at

Who is New Acropolis? 

A: New Acropolis is an International NPO based in 60 countries around the world. It aims to teach personal development through inner wisdom. We run multiple events that covers Philosophy, Culture and volunteering. New Acropolis runs multiple practical philisophical courses throughout the year. 
The video below will guide you to the closest parking lot in order to get to New Acropolis. Once insided the parking lot, the best bet is to make it through to the second basement level that takes you to Herbert Evans. If you do park close to the movies @ The Zone. You will need to walk through the bridge section which is just before the spur and inline with the Maverick and Jane popcorn. 

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Philosophy For Living - 16 week course
New Acropolis South Africa
The Zone @ Rosebank 177 Oxford Road In Phase 2, between Photo First & Primal Gym, near Herbert Evans, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2001
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