Wholefood Christmas Treats Cooking Demonstration

Thu Dec 12, 09:30 - Thu Dec 12, 12:00
Founder Foods



Holidays, a time of sun, fun and delicious treats. But it doesn’t mean we have to throw out our quest for healthy and nutritious eating. Nutritious treats don’t have to be boring and bland and they don’t need hours in the kitchen with specialized ingredients! 

In the this Wholefood Christmas Treats cooking demonstration we make a variety of healthier treats, some to make ahead, some to whip up in 10 minutes and all made with fresh, whole and nutritious ingredients – including vegetables.     

All of the recipes are gluten-free, dairy free and mouthwatering.


·         Knowledge about the effects of erratic blood sugar levels on our bodies

·         Understanding of foods to avoid and foods to eat

·         Your own recipe book with 6 delicious recipes

·         Culinary skills you can use in your own kitchen

·         Get to taste all of these delicious recipes

Walk away with awesome resources and knowledge to making delicious treats that will compliment your health and nutrition journey.


Dawn Beeslaar owns and runs Nutricologist. She is a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert (Academy of Culinary Nutrition) and Certified Eating Psychology Coach (Institute for the Psychology of Eating). Dawn is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience in therapeutic foods, cooking for health and health coaching and does this through a number of cooking classes, demonstrations and one-on-one consults focused on not just educating, but helping her clients navigate the food and diet world to find what works for their unique needs.  


Founder Foods is a dedicated Whole Foods Store at 2 Village Road in Kloof. The store offers quality whole foods as direct from producers as possible, with most of their range on a pay by weight system, allowing you to scoop, pour and weigh as little or as much as you need. The range of foods includes a huge variety of ancient grains, dried beans and pulses, baking ingredients, nuts, dried fruits, oils and vinegars, herbs, spices and whole food snacks, as well as an array of pesticide and herbicide free fresh produce sourced from local community farmers in the area. They cater to a large range of dietary requirements, including vegans and vegetarians.

It is the aim of Founder Foods to make Whole Foods accessible to more people and facilitate exploration, inspiration and experimentation in cooking. The store really is an outstanding model of an innovative and modern shopping experience and well worth a visit. https://founderfoods.co.za/about-us/

Whole Foods is more than just food. It is the key to transforming our world.

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