Grade R and the Foundations of Literacy

Thu Nov 21, 18:45 - Thu Nov 21, 21:00
Health & Education Centre


Grade R and the Foundations of Literacy

Thursday, 21st November 2019

This workshop is how I help parents of young children make certain that they find a good fit for Grade R and that they lay the most solid foundations for literacy that they possibly can, without leaving anything to chance. Grade R is now seen as the entry point into the school’s foundation phase, in which your child will learn-to-read and develop a solid foundation for learning at school and being able to read-for-meaning. It is my job to show you how to ensure that this happens, so that by the end of Grade 3 your child is ready for reading-to-learn rather than still learning-to-read. If these are your goals too, then in this workshop I will give you the knowledge that will enable you to positively contribute to your child’s education and future academic success.

The Reception Year, Grade R, is a fundamental year in the development of a child’s literacy and their love of school & learning. There is a wide range of ‘Grade R’ environments & curriculum on offer and it is hard to tell the good from the bad.

Parents often do not realise why Grade R is such an important year for laying a strong foundation for all future learning, across all subjects. Parents seem to think that all Grade R classrooms are made equal when they are not. Grade R is also not only about play. When looking for a suitable Grade R locale, parents do not know what to look for or even what questions to ask. As a parent, you wouldn't want to discover at the very end of the year that your child is not school-ready or that during the Grade 1 year your child is struggling.  

I am a teacher with over 20 years of experience in the field of education & training, teaching English, reading and literacy skills. I work as a Reading Therapist so I am very aware of the problems that occur further down the line when a solid foundation has not been created. I aim to help you to understand some of the theory behind what should take place in a Grade R classroom, how neural pathways are created and why they are so important for learning. I will also give advice on how you can contribute at home to further developing a solid literacy foundation.

Armed with the information I give you, you will better understand the school environment and be able to maximise the benefit to your child. You’ll be able to communicate more effectively with your child’s teacher and support the school & teachers in meaningful ways, ensuring that your child has a happy and successful start to life at school.

If you attend this workshop you will learn…

* how you, as a parent, can contribute to your child’s literacy development

* what role you can/should play in your child’s academic life

* what literacy is and how it affects academic success across all subjects

* how Grade R contributes to the development of advanced literacy skills

* what Grade R is all about & what should take place in the classroom

* what questions to ask when looking for the right Grade R locale

* the value of learning through play – structured & unstructured – at home & at school

* what neural pathways are and how they are created

* what is meant by school readiness, how Grade R contributes to this and why it is important for entry into Grade 1

In the long run, you will pay a lot less for the information I am going to give you now than you will pay for months of remedial fees further down the line. Literacy development starts at home and therefore I encourage concerned parents to attend this workshop and fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

Join me for a night packed with valuable information.

Date: Thursday 21 November 2019

Time: 18:45 – 21:00. 

Location: The Health & Education Centre, 52 Kingfisher Drive, Fourways, Johannesburg

Secure Parking / Refreshments will be served

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Grade R and the Foundations of Literacy
Health & Education Centre
52 Kingfisher Dr, Fourways, Sandton, 2055
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