Radio Kalahari Orkes Live at The St Francis Links

Mon Dec 23, 20:00 - Mon Dec 23, 22:30

The St Francis Links Clubhouse


Radio Kalahari Orkes

100 years behind, but still on the tracks

About Us

Direct from Slangfontein, South Africa.

Featuring the talent of IAN ROBERTS the Radio Kalahari Orkes has toured

the length and breadth of South Africa, Namibia and The Netherlands.

Fronted by actor Ian Roberts, performing a folk-rock pastiche of Traditional

Afrikaans with authentic acoustic instruments, their music stems from a

deeply rooted place, taking in Ghoema, Latin and Africana music and

anything else found lying around the dirt road.

The words, however, are focused firmly on the present. Their debut Album,

Stoomradio, went gold and was accompanied by the acclaimed Harry Kalmer

play, Die Vloek Van Die Strandjutwolf. This was followed by the SAMA

nominated 2nd album, Nagloper, the soundtrack of the Rian Malan play of the

same name and winner of the De Kat, Ramkat Award for best show at

Innibos Festival.

RKO have been honored with a FAK - Prestige award for the excellent

promotion of South African folk music on the 20 th of April 2017.

Played on acoustic equipment nearly as old as their motto, the bands’ sound

features variously; violins, accordions, mandolins, banjos, washboards,

guitars, pedal steel, dobro, trumpets, contrabass and gazoos.

Ian Roberts – vocals, acoustic guitar, penny whistle & harmonica

Wynand Davel – violin

Alicia van Dyk – accordion & vocals

The Dude – drums & vocals

Barry Steenkamp – bass & vocals

Friso Woudstra – acoustic, electric guitars and banjo


Radio Kalahari Orkes Live at The St Francis Links
The St Francis Links Clubhouse
1, Jack Nicklaus Dr, St Francis Links, St Francis Bay, 6312, South Africa
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