Tankwa Strays & Feral Sterilisation Program

Thu Dec 19, 12:45 - Mon Mar 23, 13:00
Tankwa Karoo


Tankwa Strays & Feral Sterilisation Program

Out in the Tankwa Karoo, stray dogs and feral cats are a big problem, both in terms of having an impact on livestock, and also on the wildlife in the desert. In some areas, there are many dozens of stray dogs or feral cats, which local veterinarian Dr Roos, in conjunction with members of our Outreach team and local farmers, are aiming to sterilise in the most humane manner. The plans are to visit the affected areas in early 2020 - but to ensure that the correct medicines and veterinary equipment is available will cost the team a set amount per dog or cat.

Cat: R380

Dog: R480

AfrikaBurn Outreach and local farmers will try to subsidise as much as they can but we need your help - please assist Dr Roos and her team of volunteers to sterilise over 100 cats and dogs, by making a donation.


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