Climate Dinner Series | Waste

Fri Dec 13, 18:30 - Fri Dec 13, 22:00
Josephine Mill


Join us for for our third Climate Dinner Series | Wasted Delight

On your plate

A delicious 3-Course Waste Free Menu

*(alcoholic) drinks included:

- Blueberry & Basil, Ginger Lemon, Rooibos Chai from Happy Culture Kombucha

- Beers from Darling Brew

**climate friendly food (vegetarian & vegan options available)

Our chef

Master Chef Lapo Magni from Lapo’s Kitchen, former winner of the Italian version of Masterchef, has made quite a name for himself in the Cape Town food scene. Last year, together with The Climate Diet he revamped the iconic lamb bunny chow in a climate friendly version in the middle of the dried up Theewaterskloof Dam. Now we are back with a Series of Climate Dinners. In March, we kicked off with ‘Forests’, followed by ‘Oceans’ and ‘Soil’.

For our fourth Climate Dinner Series | Waste, Lapo will combine his passion for food and sustainability in order to create a beautiful 3-Course Waste Free Menu. This magic will take place in his beautiful historic venue in Newlands.

Why Food Waste?

A third of all food in South Africa is not consumed and is thrown away. This is a huge contrast to the millions of people who go to sleep hungry every night. In addition, 1/5th of the water in South Africa is lost through food waste. This is a significant amount for South Africa, the 30th driest country on the planet. 90% of all food waste ends up in landfills. This produces toxic chemicals such as methane gas and carbon dioxide. What can we do to reduce this amount of food waste? We’ll inspire you through:

  • Inspiring Speakers (TBA)
  • Eye Opening Open Air Cinema (TBA)
  • Delicious Waste Free Menu (TBA)

Let’s go Climate Diet! Get your tickets now (only 35 seats available):

  • On date | R 450,-
  • Due date | R 495,-

Other Climate Dinner Series Editions

Are you excited to join us but unable to make it on the 13th of December? Don’t worry, we'll be back in 2020. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep an eye out for new dates.

Note: Has this image captured your attention? We hope so because our intention is draw your attention to food waste. We know that in South Africa many hungry people have to resort to feeding themselves from the left-overs in our bins. At the opposite end of the spectrum, thousands of kilogrammes of perfectly edible food is thrown away everyday. What can be done to address these awful inequalities and reduce the needless waste of valuable food?


Climate Dinner Series | Waste
Josephine Mill
13 Boundary Rd, Newlands, Cape Town, 7700
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