Reflect, Release, Manifest Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Tue Nov 26, 19:00 - Thu Feb 6, 22:00
Cape Town City Bowl

Reflect, Release & Manifest

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

For centuries tribes have gathered in ritual and ceremony to celebrate the end and beginning of a new time. This series of Cacao Ceremony is dedicated to self-care, self-enquiry and manifesting your dreams. Nourish and nurture yourself as the year ends and a new year full of infinite possibilities begins. 

Reflect         19:00 – 22:00           Tuesday 26th November

Release         19:00 – 22:00          Thursday 12th December

Manifest       19:00 – 22:00           Thursday 6th February

Why Cacao

Cacao is a plant medicine used in Southern and Central America for thousands of years. Cacao is a light and gentle healer but also works deeply on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Magic happens in sacred ceremonial spaces. I would be honoured to guide you through this magical journey.

-      Opening the Ceremony

-      Sharing Cacao with Pure Intention

-      Conscious Movement

-      Guided Meditation

-      Closing Ceremony

The Cacao Ceremonies will be held in intimate and healing spaces. Spaces are limited, so please book early to guarantee a spot. R350 per ceremony or R900 for all three.

Good to know:

Fasting is not necessary but we recommend staying away from coffee, dairy products and heavy food 2 hours prior.

Ticket information:

To purchase the Sacred Cacao Ceremony Series (all 3 ceremonies Reflect, Relase, Manifest), please click on any 3 of the single ceremony dates and the series ticket will become available to purchase!

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About Nisreen...

Her 40 year journey to wellbeing has taught her the importance of deeply connectin to body, mind and spirit. Practising yoga and meditation in various countries such as India, Nepal, Bali and Peru.


This connection cultivated her passion to hold safe and sacred spaces for others to heal and transform. She shares and guides yoga, meditation and cacao ceremonies and rituals throughout the world and uses the sacred techniqes taught by shamans in and around South America and Peru.


This lead her to Cape Town to share the sacred techniques and worldly knowledge she has learned over a life time...with you.


Whatsapp +27 67 195 8065

DM Insta @anahata021


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