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The Presale of book

[Note: Quicket is a site normally dedicated to ticket sales of events. Therefore, the date we have set is for the launch of our book and the 'ticket types' are the presale and sponsorship options.]

WOMAN ZONE CT is an organisation designed to unite the women of Cape Town in all their different cultures and highlight their achievements. One of the ways we are making this happen is through our book,


The book features the personal stories of 13 women from different communities in the Mother City. It includes a walk through Cape Town of 30 women focused destinations and extracts from some of Cape Town's best loved women writers.

We believe every woman in Cape Town should have a copy of this book, but publication will only be possible if we can raise the funds for printing.

You can help by buying one or more advance copies, or by being a Gold or Silver sponsor, thus having your name included in the 'Who's Who of Women Champions' section in the book. To see details of sponsorship, hover cursor over the question mark in the ticket box above.

We will send you updates of when the book is going to publish as well as when it is ready for collection. Please be sure to select a collection destination of your choice.

Thank you for supporting all the women of Cape Town!
- The Woman Zone team
Updates on the book!