How to make captivating video messages in 10 easy steps

Tue Nov 19, 18:00 - Tue Nov 19, 22:00
Craighall Park


Today, worldwide people watching one billion hours of video every day and, every minute, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Over 60 percent of businesses, large and small have recognised the value of posting video content to powerfully market their existing and new brands and products.

Is your video being watched by the world?


The 10 easy steps to making captivating video messages that will be covered in the workshop are

1          Face your fears – what are you afraid of, what is stopping you

2          How to get a confidence button for use anywhere and anytime

3         Who do I want to attract

4          What is so important about your appearance and outfit

5          Where to film your video

6          What will I speak about

7          Know what you have to say and prepare your topic.

8          Scripted or chatting videos – which is best

9          How to appear in front of the camera and connect with your audience. Body language, eye contact, looking relaxed.

10        Lights camera action!


How to make captivating video messages in 10 easy steps
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