Cacao Workshop

Sat Nov 16, 10:00 - Sat Nov 16, 13:00
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Enter into Sacred Ceremony with Leigh and connect with the beautiful energy of Cacao

* Learn to create and open sacred space

* Enjoy a Guided Meditation

* Enter into Sacred Ceremony and prepare beautiful Cacao chocolates hears - imprinted with your own prayers, blessings and intentions

* We will close the ceremony with a bring and share lunch

* You get to take your cacao hearts home to enjoy

Benefits of Raw Sacred Ceremonial Cacao include:

Heart Support

Lowers Blood pressure

Slows Ageing

It's a Natural Antidepressant

Provides Mental Clarity

Creates Pathway to Creativity

It Energisers

Boosts your immune system

Enhances overall Healing

Brings Peace

It's a beautiful Heart opening medicine

Enhances Meditation


Cacao Workshop
Let's Connect
Park Rd, Pinelands, Cape Town
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