US Entries only : Hornets Nest - The Outpost

Fri Dec 3, 20:00 - Sun Dec 5, 12:00
East Coast Milsim Field


An Airsoft Military Simulation of 40 hours to be held in Mooi River, KwaZulu Natal between 3 to 5 December 2021.

ASOG Series : Hornets Nest - The Outpost

The 3-61 Cav, 4th Infantry will perform a defensive role of Outpost Kamdesh.

To take part you can use any airsoft replica and wear any uniform or even civilian clothing. The only requirement is that you wear either a Boonie hat or helmet to show you are US.

The mission is a defensive one of the outpost from Taliban attack for 40 hours, this will entail guard duties, fighting when necessary and chilling or sleeping during off periods.

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Ticket payment can be made before the last day of October.

The story line for this event comes from the Camp Keating incident during the battle of Kamdesh. You can watch a movie of it on showmax called The Outpost.

There is an age restriction of 16 however from 14 up with guardian attendance and consent will be allowed.

Additional information

Age restriction No under 16s
Refund policy Refunds allowed (view policy)


US Entries only : Hornets Nest - The Outpost
East Coast Milsim Field
Unnamed Road, South Africa
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