Memoir Writing Course in Tableview

Fri Nov 15, 09:00 - Sun Nov 17, 15:00
41 Sandpiper Crescent Flamingo Vlei, Tableview.


Writing is a powerful way for us to communicate and to grow compassion for ourselves and for each other. The tools we need to write effectively are also tools that help us live more creatively and less anxiously.

Writing about your own life can help you connect with the story you are living and it can help to heal or manage the effects of trauma.

We help people work with memoir or life-writing activities through mentor and peer feedback, enabling participants to explore and discover their stories and write about their life experiences.

This course will assist you to:

• Learn to write your authentic life story.

• Find out what you don't know.

• Discover the hidden narrative underlying the story of your life.

This course is facilitated by Giles Griffin who is on the Life Righting Collective Exco.

For direct bookings, additional information and queries please contact Terry - [email protected]

Join us and discover the hidden narrative underlying the story of your life. Our courses are open to all!

For more information on the Life Righting Collective, please watch the video below:

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