Fynbos en die Emmer Obsessie

Thu Nov 14, 19:00 - Sun Nov 17, 12:00

‘Fynbos en die Emmer Obsessie’

Hermien van der Merwe, Theresa Jo and CP Wessels

Cape Town. The place we live, home to our hearts. The place Fynbos grows: proteas, pincushions, ericas and restios. Embraced by Table Mountain, it’s the most beautiful place in the world. And it’s here, as Day Zero loomed, that the City’s people rallied together to save every drop of water they could. We lined up our buckets, nothing allowed to go to waste. Water, as precious as gold.

It’s in this space of beauty and scarcity, where three Cape artists comment on the climate’s impact on our world. Each brings their unique approach and experience to an exhibition inspired by issues on their hearts: Fynbos, drought, rain and buckets.

The exhibition will be held in the beautiful historic venue of Welgemeend.

Come and enjoy a glass of wine at one of our two opening evenings:

  • Thursday, 14 November          
  • Friday, 15 November              

The exhibition will also be open for viewing on the following days: 

  • Friday, 15 November            
  • Saturday, 16 November         

Hermien van der Merwe: Hermien van der Merwe explores through her art, the interaction between fire and rain on Cape Fynbos. She draws parallels between human beings, spirituality, and the Fynbos that she loves. 
Through her theme and application, she raises awareness of the Fynbos Biosphere to preserve Fynbos for future generations - preferably as a living, adaptable Biome but also immortalized in art.

Theresa Jo: The only way Capetonians can survive the drought is by cultivating an obsession with water and to save every drop you need a bucket. A bucket is an object in which you can carry and store water, a century-old symbol once again entering our psyches. The artist's use of buckets is a deep recognition of women who have been carrying water in buckets for years.

CP Wessels: Inspired by the skeletal fynbos that remains after fires, when all is stripped bare and its true form is revealed.

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Fynbos en die Emmer Obsessie
2 Welgemeend St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001
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