Design Thinking 101 - November 2019

Tue Nov 26, 07:45 - Tue Nov 26, 17:00

What do you imagine your job or business will be five years from now?

By 2022, automation will displace about 75 million jobs worldwide. Conversely, an estimated 133 million new jobs will be created.

With the advent of machine learning & AI, and the rapid pace of technology, it is almost impossible to accurately predict what industries and roles will exist. 

One thing we are still confident about is that empathy and creative problem solving are still exclusive to humans – they are qualities that set us apart from machines. Doctors will be able to rely on machines for diagnosis while they focus on the softer, more supportive side of the medical profession: patients will still need advice and someone to lean on.

Future proof your career or your business with a one-day workshop

Equip yourself with the mindsets that can future proof you in your career with our hands-on Design Thinking 101 workshop, and learn to get creative about problem solving.

What is design thinking?

Clue: it has nothing to do with design as you have known it – it’s not about aesthetics; it has a lot to do with improving people’s experiences, making lives better with innovative solution design.

Steve Jobs describes it well: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” And he would know, Apple, along with most other global powerhouses use design thinking to innovate – Google, IBM, Amazon. You can’t afford not to if you want to remain a thought leader.

Understand the mindsets you need to adopt to stay relevant

In this one-day, immersive workshop, you will learn about and practise the design thinking mindsets that will stand you in good stead as an irreplaceable human in any team:

  • Empathy – listening and understanding the world from another’s perspective to design a solution that they will benefit from
  • Embracing failure as a critical step in the learning journey that will bring you closer to a great result
  • Creative confidence – letting go of the idea that creativity is an artist’s domain and understanding that everyone can solve problems creatively
  • Making and building rough prototypes to test your ideas and refine them quickly, rather than doing a lot of thinking and talking
  • Framing (and sometimes reframing) your challenge to keep you focussed as you move through the process
  • Staying true to the humans you are designing for throughout, and being always open to constructive, honest feedback
  • Collaborating with a multi-skilled team to go further in your work
  • Balancing what the market needs with what is technically doable and what makes sense for the business

Here's what some of our previous attendees have to say:

What you get from this one-day immersive workshop:
Learn about and practise design thinking methods - get your hands dirty and get out of your comfort zone
Find out how to implement design thinking in your life and your business for best results
Work with professionals like you on a real challenge
Learn how to rapidly prototype and test your ideas
- Personal support from experienced facilitators
- An exercise to take design thinking into your work after the day, with follow-up support from Tenaka

You will also get:
A handy design thinking quick e-guide to take away
A certificate of attendance
Welcome snacks, lunch, tea and coffee

Who should attend:

- Entrepreneurs
- Decision-makers
- Team Leaders
- Employees (influencers)


Design Thinking 101 - November 2019
154 Bram Fischer Dr, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194
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