Hub Dot Cape Town

Tue Nov 12, 18:00 - Tue Nov 12, 21:00
Purple Rayn Hotel


So what can you expect?

No labels, no job titles. Hub Dot is an experience like no other. Five coloured Dots combined with our unique style of storytelling inspires people to make make new connections, with ideas, people and places.

We believe that every one of us has an extraordinary story to tell and we know you have one too.


Come and experience a new way of making connections and let our Dots work their magic. We can't wait to welcome you.


Your Dot. Your story.

If you are new to Hub Dot

We exist to bring people together, through meaningful experiences, to help you to make that one connection that could change your life.

We remove societal labels - a title, a CV, a job description - and replace them with 5 Dots as a way of enabling exploration on your own terms. Starting a conversation with 'What’s your story?' instead of 'What do you do?' provides the freedom for you to connect in your own way.


We want the world to discover the language of our Dots and rediscover the art of storytelling to connect with people in their own communities and beyond. From a CEO of an international company to a baker in a remote village in the countryside, a philanthropist to a fashionista, a writer to a storyteller, an artist on one side of the world to a gallery owner on the other. 

So far, we have delivered over 200 global experiences for over 22,000 people on behalf of communities, organisations, schools and consumer brands in the following 23 cities to date: London, Edinburgh, Brighton, Birmingham, Paris, Luxembourg, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Naples, Rome, Turin, Athens, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Riga, Houston, Portland, Washington DC, West Sussex, Dubai, Antigua & Costa Rica


We don’t have speakers... we have storytellers - Inspired by the Italian piazza, we believe in connecting through the power and magic of stories. No status, no podium or slide show. Just authentic stories straight from the heart...


How to prepare - We remove labels at Hub Dot. Unlike traditional networking events, we don't ask, "what do you do?" but "what's your story?" When you arrive you’ll be asked to select a Dot that represents your mindset, see Dots below.

So have a think... what connections would you like to make? We’ll do everything we can on the night and afterwards, to help you find that alchemy.


What's 'alchemy'? - We believe that when two Dots collide and a meaningful connection is made... Alchemy is created! You might be looking for a new mentor, a fellow Mum to bounce ideas around, or a creative or business partner.


Hub Dot Cape Town
Purple Rayn Hotel
9 Bellevue Ave, Bel Ombre, Cape Town, 7806
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