CityLAN And Gaming Get Together #6

Sat Nov 30, 10:00 - Sun Dec 1, 13:00
Wiber Solutions Headquarters


Gamers, it's time to prepare your sleep schedules...

This is Citylan's 6th gaming event taking place at the wiber warehouse in Muizenberg.

Citylan is a social gaming get together with Internet sponsored by wibersolutions.

Here Pc and console gamers enjoy two days of gaming, fast and free Internet, DnD (if you participate in the DnD you have to tip the Dungeon Master) and magic.

Gamers must bring their own equipment including a multiplug, we Provide the network, tables, chairs and Internet.

As far as schedules go, you are the master of your gaming time with us. Connect with the lanners and friends at the event to organise your own games and comps. There will be DnD running at night time (from 9 pm)?

We have a DC ++ server running

(Streamers welcome)

This event is all about having fun and having a good time where you can come and go as you please.

There is 24/7 security and camera surveillance at the venue. During night time, lanners can sleep safely inside the venue(please bring your own sleeping gear) as the doors are locked.

You can bring your own refreshments or buy them from our tuck shop or you can order in through Mr Delivery. We will have a braai in the evening, you are welcome to bring your own meat or you can buy a boerie roll.

Please note that alcohol is allowed to adults 18+ at this event, we do not promote under age drinking.

Please Note that if the event does not have 30 bookings before the 30th of November the event will be cancelled and you will be refunded.


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