Sat Nov 23, 08:30 - Sat Nov 23, 16:00
St Peter's Church hall, Hout Bay (next to St Peter's Anglican Church)


Calling all Cape-based women hikers and trail runners!

Do you know basic first aid? And do you know how to apply that knowledge in the outdoors, in an emergency whilst on a remote trail?

Would you know how to defend yourself against an attacker when you’re out on a trail? Do you have a plan A, B and C in your head to escape a dangerous situation?

Whether you hike trails or run them, your safety and security is vital. Knowing what to do in a compromised health / safety situation when on the trail can save lives.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and practical techniques to ensure you and your buddies keep safe when hiking / running.

This full-day workshop for women will be delivered by two experts:

  • Dr Marelize Vlok has been working in emergency centres for 16 years, and has worked as a Mediclinic race doctor at the Cape Epic, Cape Town Marathon and KAEM. A trail runner herself, Marelize completed KAEM in 2017.
  • John Shaw has been practising martial arts for the past 40 years. A 5th dan karate teacher, John is the current Kimura Shukokai international world title holder, and teaches karate at the Samurai Karate Hout Bay.


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