PSASA Jhb Chapter - October 2019

Thu Oct 24, 18:30 - Thu Oct 24, 21:30
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Our first speaker will be Nondumiso Sibiya                        

Facts and reality: Are they helping you or dragging you down?

Nondumiso Sibiya is an inspired, driven, innovative, and imaginative 21 years young lady with a spark of always solving problems. She is a God-fearing woman and believes that through the application of biblical principles she is able to stay humble and optimistic. Going against the norm is the normality for Nondumiso. She constantly challenges the status quo and this mindset has helped her to be aware of things happening around her and identify problems within her existing environment. She sees opportunities where some see challenges.

Her family is still grappling with the fact that she dropped out of Wits for a teaching degree to work with waste. She is the Co-founder of Boombadotmobi, a waste management business platform that connects waste generators with waste collectors to facilitate the process of waste collection. To date she employs over 15 people from Diepsloot on part time basis. She has won the 2019 Fair lady Rising Star Award, Part of the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy

Her presentation is about how most people tend to allow their current circumstances to either drag them down or to determine their future. She tries to bring some positivity into those whose light is slowly going dim. She also shares why it is important to be aware of what is happening in your environment and knowing how it can affect you.

She will show us how to make decisions to alleviate the wrong impact towards us and how to seek to be a problem solver one day at a time. She uses her personal journey of growing up in Diepsloot Township and growing up in a child-headed family (her mother had to take a stay-in housekeeper job) to sustain our livelihood. Using her waste management company as an example, she explains how keeping a positive mindset amidst trying circumstances, can ultimately lead to living a positive life and achieving greater things.


Our second speaker will be Nikki Bush CSP SASHoF           

What if “what if” happens?

Award-winning speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush, helps individuals and teams to win at life and work. Her passion for connection and relationships, and how to maintain them in a fast-changing world, is at the core of everything she does as a human potential and parenting thought leader.

Nikki has helped hundreds of thousands of parents to build fabulous relationships with their children by turning very ordinary, everyday moments into extraordinary memories. Nikki helps today’s busy parents to future-proof their children despite their busyness. Her wisdom, creativity and practical ideas are the solution for parents who are long on love and short on time.

Nikki is the “go-to-person” for the media regarding anything to do with child development and parenting, having racked up almost 2 000 media interviews in 10 years, including a weekly slot on SABC 3’s Expresso and Radio 702. She is a guest lecturer at Henley Business School, Wits Business School and GIBS.

Nikki lives in Johannesburg with her two sons aged 19 and 23.

No-one’s life unfolds in a straight line, either professionally or personally. Disruption is part of the human condition and we all experience it in very different and sometimes profound ways. How prepared are you, practically and emotionally, to cope should a ‘what if’ moment happen to you?

As Nikki Bush shares her story of six tragic minutes that changed her life forever, you will be moved to get your practical affairs in order and to lay emotional foundations for resilience and resourcefulness now, that will stand you in good stead should you experience loss of any kind.

Nikki will share:

The six minutes that changed her life

How loss and trauma impacted:

Her brain

Her body

Her brand

Her speaking business

How she has found collateral beauty in collateral damage

Her collateral repair blueprint for any kind of loss: health, wealth, death and more.


PSASA Jhb Chapter - October 2019
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