Social Media Truths: A Masterclass with Elena Protulis and Spillly | 22 Nov. 19

Fri Nov 22, 08:00 - Fri Nov 22, 14:00

WeWork, 173 Oxford Road, Rosebank, Joburg


Many brands and business are on social media. Why? Because they feel they have to be. In this masterclass we will take a reflective view as to why you are on social media, what exactly you are trying to achieve and what does success look like. If you’re an agency running social media on behalf of brands, a brand running your own social media or a business with your own social media channels, then let us help you look at your social media truths and execute your social media according to a strategic plan.

Social Media is not just another marketing channel, but where you can have meaningful conversations with your customers, potential customers and people who are interested in your brand. Social media enables you to humanise your brand, drive brand advocacy and referrals, but can also open you up to risk if not managed properly. 

The HALF day hands-on practical Masterclass will feature sessions that include:

  • Why Social Media
  • An overview of the landscape and best practice per channel
  • Structuring a social media team
  • How to effectively set up a social media team and with what skill set
  • How to plan and deliver on campaign strategies
  • A simple tool that will allow you to plan, deliver and measure results
  • Mapping out your social media strategy and content plan
  • We will do a practical plan on how to map this out for your channels
  • Resources to help you manage and execute on your social media
  • Accessible tools to help you manage your social media
  • When should you use influencers
  • The good, the bad and the ugly
  • Paid media
  • An overview of getting visibility beyond organic algorithms 

Most importantly, this workshop shows how how to position yourself on social media, understanding how to structure and set up your team, as well as creating content that’s right for your brand.


On the day, you will be taken through a program that looks at your existing social media channels and how you can improve on them by taking a step back, rethinking your team, your resources as well as how you plan content effectively. 

This investment should enable you to run your social media effectively, which in turn drives benefits for your business whether it being positive sentiment or driving leads. 

This will be an informal but interactive day. All participants are encouraged to participate, 

ask questions and make observations from their own perspectives and experiences. There will also be practical activities to ensure you walk way with useful implementation plans on running and executing your social media effectively and efficiently.