EQ Gym

Thu Nov 7, 10:00 - Thu Dec 12, 10:30


First of its kind in SA. Its time to work those Emotional Intelligence muscles. 

Six Seconds EQ Gym

If you are aware that you need to increase your Emotional Intelligence this is the perfect opportunity to practice it by reading a chapter a week, digesting the information and making it your own, then join weekly virtual sessions for 1.5 hours with others flexing their muscles to learn more and take it deeper. 

We will meet virtually to deepen our understanding and practice Emotional Intelligence. 

We will focus on 6 themes over the 6 week period to deepen your understanding:

The themes will cover the following:

1.           EQ Vision - How EQ can shift your levels of effectiveness, you relationships, wellbeing and quality of life.

2.           Practicing EQ - The power of practice. Shifting the way you live, love, parent and lead.

3.           Know Yourself - the beginning of all wisdom - Self Awareness

4.           Choose Yourself - Self Management 

5.           Give Yourself - Self Direction

6.           Practice Daily - Tools for your toolbox to deepen your Emotional Intelligence.

Don’t miss this transformational space. 

6 weeks to lasting change. 

Gain understanding, insight and wisdom to make the shifts you have been looking for.

Contact me directly for any further questions.

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