Alice finds herself in Wonderland

Sat Nov 23, 14:30 - Sat Nov 23, 17:00
Doxa Deo Faerie Glen


Rhythm of Hope Dance & Outreach is proud to present our annual top class year-end production! This year, join us for a Wonderland Extravaganza, complete with Rabbits, Treasure Cats, Mad Hatters and Tea Parties! But also a tale in which Alice learns how the process of following her dreams (down the rabbit hole) will challenge the foundation of her identity, but also help establish it. ?It promises to be relevant and fun for the the whole family! But we also hope it will leave you challenged to follow the dreams in your heart!


Alice finds herself in Wonderland
Doxa Deo Faerie Glen
c/o Atterbury & Olympus Drive, Plot 7, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, 0081
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