Groet die Grotman 2

Sat Nov 2, 20:00 - Sat Nov 2, 21:30
Limpopo Theatre Hall, Fairview Hotel


Groet die Grotman 2


Lefra Productions - Wynand van Vollensteen


Genre: Comedy Theatre

Language: Afrikaans

Venue: Limpopo Theatre Hall

Time: 20H00

Age: no under 13’s


It’s 20 years later….

The Caveman and Elize are still happily married… or are they?

The children are teenagers. Men and women are still very different creatures from different planets. Are all men still assholes? And are women still gatherers? Sir and madam come recognise yourselves in Groet die Grotman 2.

Sir, you will most certainly have the opportunity to point the finger at your wife!

And Madam, you will be able to pump your husband in the ribs with your elbow.

Groet die Grotman 2 is the erfect tonic for any marriage, with Wynand van Vollenstee as the new wise and hilarious Grotman!

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