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About Tshwane Haven:

This Association focuses on the importance of the family. We firmly believe that more and more families should be raised, equipped and supported to look after babies and toddlers in crisis. It is important that every child in need should have the opportunity to experience the love and stability provided within the family unit. By actively raising more families, crisis children will have the opportunity to become part of a family again – belonging to a home he/she can call their own.

TPoSA provides wonderful parents and special homes where an abundance of emotional, physical and spiritual care is given to babies and toddlers. Our association coordinates the admission and placement of children with individual families. We render a support service to place of safety parents as well as social workers from various welfare organisations. The ages of the children we are caring for varies from premature to eighteen years. Although we do not admit new children older than 2 years of age.

Tshwane Haven objectives

·        To provide a support structure to Tshwane Place of Safety Association with regards to sick children

·        To provide a secure home environment for children with medical problems

·        To provide specialist care to babies and toddlers with medical problems

·        To liaise with doctors, clinics and specialists on specific problems of micro-premature babies, babies and toddlers placed in the Haven

·        To provide an overnight shelter facility for the SAP until these children can be placed with other Place of Safety parents

Tshwane Haven staff and management

Tshwane Haven is run on a daily basis by Ms Karen Bruyere, who lives on the property. She has a Senior caregiver who lives on the property as well and looks after the sick babies and another live out caregiver who looks after the toddlers. A live out lady cleans the house and does the washing and ironing. The assistants work 12 hour days from 7 to 7 and have every weekend off. We have two weekend caregivers who work from Friday 13:00 to Sunday 17:00. We also work with volunteers who assist over weekends and take the children on outings on an ad hoc basis.

Children in Tshwane Haven

The Haven can take in a maximum of 20 children, 5 foster children and 15 babies and toddlers. The type of children that can be accommodated are severely malnourished children, HIV+ with other problems, TB with other problems, down syndrome, abused and premature babies as well as children with heart and lung problems.

All the children admitted into the Haven are given the best medical care we can afford. We have built up numerous contacts with various specialists, clinics, hospitals, medical supply companies and GPs. Children are taken for general check-ups at Intercare Medical Centre and LCM upon admission unless discharged from a hospital. They attend clinics on a monthly basis for those on HIV and TB treatment. They attend various clinics, Occupational Therapy sessions as and when needed.


Hee Haw for Tshwane Haven
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