Taste of Africa (Yeoville Experience)

Thu Oct 3, 17:00 - Thu Jan 30, 23:00
Windybrow Arts Centre


Yeoville is one of the most diverse suburbs in South Africa. Widely known for its rich culturally diverse population, it is Johannesburg’s most Afrocentric cosmopolitans, with many Africa nations found in one square mile. This is what makes this area a great place to experience different African cuisine with authentic dishes served by African people.

Our Taste of Africa Tour is as diverse as the many cultures of the African continent that live in Yeoville, packed & wrapped in one melting pot of flavourful & delicious authentic African cuisine. This tour allows guests to sample dishes from Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria & many more! Experience the continent’s cuisine without ever leaving South Africa or spending money on an expensive flight. All in all - a great deal! 


Taste of Africa (Yeoville Experience)
Windybrow Arts Centre
52 Pietersen St, Hillbrow, Johannesburg, 2001
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