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(Taste of Africa) food experience.

5-6pm     Wine tasting (melville)

We start the evening by exploring some wines that will pair well with the different foods we get to taste.

6-7pm     Ethiopian restaurant

We start off with the mildly spicy and ancient cultural Ethiopian cuisine.

8-9pm    Congolese restaurant

And then we visit Central Africa, to explore a little ugali and ***** (recipe hidden)

9-10pm   Cameroonian

We then take a trip up to Cameroon on the Gulf of Guinea, not literally but the food will make you feel as though you were there.

10-11pm   Berea basements

As we get ready to end the night, what better way, than to finish with the familiar taste of home (southern-Africa traditional cuisine)

When and where?

windybrow theatre

Runs from Thu 03 Oct 2019 at 5:00 PM

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