Adventure Tales - November 2019

Wed Nov 6, 18:00 - Wed Nov 6, 21:30


Be inspired by epic stories at our monthly night of Adventure Tales where we host awesome adventurers from around the world to share their tales of adventure and exploration!

Weds. 6 November - 18:00 for 18:30


138 West Street, Sandton

Speaker: Matt Boynton - MAD4Waves

A team of 4 university friends take on one of the toughest endurance challenges on the planet: rowing unaided across the Atlantic Ocean! Fewer people have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean than have reached the summit of Everest or journeyed to the North Pole. Hear Matt’s story about how the foursome would be the youngest in history to set off from the Canary Islands on this 5,500 km journey. 

Film: The Road From Karkakol

In the summer of 2011, alpinist Kyle Dempster set out across Kyrgyzstan’s back roads on his bike. His goal – ride across the country via old Soviet roads while climbing as many of the region’s impressive peaks as possible. He was alone and carried only a minimalist’s ration of climbing gear. Ten Kyrgyz words rounded out his vocabulary. This is the story of a unique spirit who pedalled to the road’s end and decided to keep going.

Parking is at the Nelson Mandela Square Parkade (opposite Workshop17)


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