African Contenders League

Fri Nov 1, 15:00 - Sun Nov 10, 19:00



1. Behave in a respectful manner toward tournament officials, other players and spectators, and steer clear of any unsportsmanlike conduct during the event.

2. Arrive on time and ready for the start of the tournament and at the start of each match as specified on the tournament page.

3. Bring any infractions (rule or policy) you notice to a tournament organizer’s attention in a private message.

4. Bring any discrepancies in match record to a tournament organizer’s attention immediately in a private message.

5. Refrain from enrolling in tournaments if you are unable to participate.

6. Be familiar with the server settings.

7. Adhere to not leaking information of the tournament and respect the delay in force on streams. We don’t want any spoilers.

8. Ensure that you do NOT leak the password of each server and notify a tournament official immediately if a member of your team or another player has leaked the password in a private message

9.For teams to be considered as valid and entered into the competition, a min of 4 tickets needs to be bought under the same team name, i.e. a team can't enter with just 3 players.

10.All teams are allowed one international player to join their roster and play in the tournament.

11.Server Names and passwords will be posted prior to each game in GG's Discord under the #tournaments channel.

Vulgar names (including team names & Logo's) will not be allowed and the team will be de-registered by GG


 1. Ensure you have a minimum of 10 minutes delay on your stream.

2. Please make sure your mods discourage any spoilers.

3. Please make sure your mods timeout any viewers who try to pass on information about the tournament from other streams.

**SUPER settings will be used.**


The tournament must have a minimum of 16 teams. Anything less will result in a refund for the players who’ve registered and paid. In the event of a cancelation of the tournament, each team’s Captain will be reimbursed and required to reimburse their players.

The cost per team is R400 and are allowed 2 Subs. This event will also provide sponsored finances which increases the prize pool for the top 8 teams completing the finals.

*This event is only open to africa teams.


R 4000

R 2800

R 2000

R 1800

R 1600

R 1300

R 700

R 600

Please note that total prizes are calculated through to the combination of seats purchased by players and financial input by sponsors. Should there be less than 24 teams registered. The top 8 teams winnings will be calculated on the percentage of the total prize pool.

Tournament admins will take decisions based on these situations to keep the tournament as enjoyable as possible. We strongly recommend not to alt-tab out whilst waiting in the lobby as it can result in crashes.

**The tournament admins will only restart the game if 40% of the players are not able to connect.**

The tournament admins reserve the right to change the terms and conditions and it is up to the players to check this discord channel for any changes

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