Fire relief - Williams home

Mon Mar 30, 07:00 - Tue Mar 31, 23:45


In the early hours of Wed, 4 Mar the devastating fire sweeping the Peninsula completely destroyed the home of the Williams family as well as most of their personal belongings. Regretably the house and contents weren't insured against fire.

The photo of their Tokai home was taken at around 3am when the shooting embers just 10 meters from the house were 4 stories high according to an eye witness report. "Tornado like flame jets, never seen anything like it". Ironically during the day Ms Williams had posted on Facebook, "A huge thank you to the flying heroes! They saved us!" But at night the helicopters were unable to fly.

Fortunately the cottage at the bottom of the property is still intact and the family are staying there while they recover. Any money donated will go towards basic setup costs, demolishing what remains of the house, clearing the property and in time hopefully rebuilding with the aid of their community.


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