Laurie Levine live at the Moral Kiosk

Fri Oct 18, 19:00 - Fri Oct 18, 22:15
The Moral Kiosk


Singer songwriter Laurie Levine presents a lush world of reverb drenched electric guitar and a delicate vocal that carries hints of the ocean.

Dark at times, introspective and pierced with a sublime beauty, the songs reverberate and shimmer with otherworldly elegance. While some songs are intoxicating with ominous lyrics and black staccato rhythms, others glow with optimism and a rich lyricism that is bought home by the intimacy of Levine’s vocal delivery.

Laurie Levine is continually exploring new sounds to expand her sonic palette and will be showcasing some new songs from her upcoming collaborative project with Nicholas Nesbitt (Glass Swans). 

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Laurie Levine live at the Moral Kiosk
The Moral Kiosk
Shop 4C, 2nd Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2109
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