SUGAR SHORES SURF CLUB - Kid's Surfing Lessons, Surf Parties, Durban

Wed Oct 2, 09:00 - Sun Nov 3, 10:45
Addington Beach - meet at grassy patch in front of the open parking lot (to the right of Surf Riders Cafe if you're facing the sea)


COME AND SURF! We have experienced and professionally qualified Surf Coaches who are ready to guide you through the basics of surfing and have you up and riding the waves of the warm Indian Ocean this summer!

Durban's southern-most beach (Addington) has gentle waves and they're perfect for kids who are wanting to learn how to surf. The lessons will be tailored to meet each participant's level of fitness and ability. If you can swim, you can surf so just say YES and take that first step towards the most fun you'll ever have.

We are looking forward to welcoming you. Make your next celebration a SURF PARTY! (Parents/'ballies' welcome to sign up too).

We coach groups of 2 to 6 beginners at a time, but if you'd like to organise a Surf Party with more guests, or arrange individual or group lessons at a more convenient time, kindly contact us (Sugar Shores Surf Club) via Facebook or Instagram and we'll make the necessary arrangements to accommodate you.

Facilities at this beach include showers, public toilets and Lifeguards in attendance. There is also a restaurant for parents/guardians to enjoy a breakfast or coffee while they wait for their groms in training.


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