Meditation, Joy and Inner Purpose - A Blissful Journey

Mon Oct 7, 18:30 - Mon Dec 9, 19:30
VKBC Johannesburg


Class Description:

The class consists of an introduction and meditation followed by a short teaching, question and answers and concludes with a meditation to take the concepts and meaning to heart. 

Each class is self contained so you can just drop - in.

If you would like to follow along with this course the book How To Transform Your Life is ideal to have as a companion. 

Class Topics for the first 10 Weeks:

1. A New Direction

2. Meditation, happiness, inner peace

3. Meditation and transformation

4. How to develop and maintain a peaceful mind

5. Understanding the different levels of mind

6.Recocognizing the uncertainty of our life

7. Making the most of our life.

8. Death and the meaning of life. 

9. Living in the moment

10. Why me? . ( end of term 9th December) 

About the Teacher:

Claudia Steinert is an experienced teacher who is studying on the Foundation Program. She shows a wonderful example, combining a busy professional life and modern-day Buddhist practitioner.

Further Information:

Time : 18:30 - 19:30

Cost : R70 


Meditation, Joy and Inner Purpose - A Blissful Journey
VKBC Johannesburg
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