"Devil's Playground" - Halloween Soiree at Raptor Room ft. Dukes of Note & Krakatoa

Thu Oct 31, 19:00 - Fri Nov 1, 02:00
The Raptor Room

NOTE: The Clock is ticking! Buy your ticket before its too late! Do it! NOOOW!


Ladies of Light & Gentlemen of the Shadows! Join us for a night of Halloween Hallows!

A MAD evening of Dress-Up, Interactive Games, Dancing & Live-Music Entertainment!

Featuring the Dark, Madly Theatric & Whimsical World of Carnival Rock music in the imaginations, hearts & hats of the Dukes of Note,

as well as the Surf-Rock-Hawaii-Baby-Blues of the Volcanic & Eruptive sounds of Krakatoa!

Dress-Up and wear your imagination on the outside as you express your dark-side on one of our favourite evenings of the year!

(Who knows? You might even win a prize... OR TWO!)

We have many tricks up our sleeve so you're in for a treat!

Here are some deliberately vague descriptions so you have no idea what to expect!

  • Interact with some strangers as you try and figure out who the hell you are!
  • Lose all sight of what you're doing as you toss eye-balls from one side of the room into a cup in the hopes that your opponents have to drink the bubbly alcoholic substance that lay within before you have to drink yours - or before you go blind (metaphorically)!
  • Learn a new form of body language that makes you feel a part of something... or NOT - either way you will end up drinking!
  • Draw a card and pray to the Demi-Dukes that you draw "Drink" over "Death" because one is a Treat and the other is undoubtedly a TRICK!

Ticket Prices:

R100 at the DOOR

R80 Pre-sold via Quicket

R50 VIP DOOR ACCESS if you carry a Dukes of Note Card or have subscribed to our mailing list as a VIP member via the link below (It's Free!):

Become a VIP Duke & Duchess here: https://forms.gle/hkCTHUb8oPc3JhHe9


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Step out of your tedious monotony of life and get weird with us - We encourage it!

Lots of Love,

Archduke Nick V. Knightshade

"Embrace the Madness!"


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