Double Impact Coaching

Wed Sep 18, 17:00 - Mon Oct 14, 17:00


Entrepreneurial Competence Profiling(E-scan) with Brief Solution Based Coaching gives business Owners the benefit of Double Impact Coaching leading to expedited results. This is an introductory offer to do your E-scan profile with two virtual Brief Solution coaching sessions by Luther Diedericks.

E-Scan is different from traditional personality tests. It is much more a scan than a test. It is a scan of the entrepreneurial personality put into perspective of the business life-cycle. It combines psychometric analysis with business theory and practice. E-Scan is specially developed to foster and empower entrepreneurship among its users.Your entrepreneurial profile is compared to the industry or sector that you have specified at the beginning of E-Scan. You will therefore understand how you score compared to successful entrepreneurs from the sector. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses. It is meant as a directive that allows you to compare and develop yourself.When an E-Scan is completed, an E-Platform is activated. The E-Platform is an online environment where small business owners can further develop their entrepreneurial potential. Business coaches can monitor and coach them online in combination with offline coaching.Click here to read more.

Research shows that the combination of the E-Scan with sessions with a business coach leads to success. Survival rate is increased to 89%. 

 Brief Solution Coaching is an approach to coaching based on opening new options for the client by asking questions that focus her/ him/them on designing solutions that can be reached instead of analyzing problems in the hope of finding a way out of them.This is a simple procedure which leads to the rapid identification of sustainable and effective solutions within two sessions.

Like other service providers, especially in these times of rapid change, coaches must ensure a high level of performance and excellent results. Professionals undertaking coaching are looking for the quickest possible success. And the personal skills clients can develop through coaching are among the most sought-after qualities in the modern business world.

More than enough reason, therefore, to examine the efficiency of the coaching process in greater detail.Which factors are crucial in achieving coaching success as simply as possible? Which assumptions will help you to reach the goal as quickly as possible? It is in response to these questions that solution focused brief coaching emerges as a particularly interesting alternative to traditional problem-solving methods.

In solution-focused brief coaching, questions are asked in such a way as to move the client's attention to the level of

solutions. Instead of discussing problems, difficulties and causes, the coach explores with the client desired goals, exceptions which have led to success in the past (times when the problem did not occur), and solutions (the changes that will have occurred once the goal is reached) as well as existing resources .

This procedure is especially suited to the business environment, because these clients are already familiar with many of the questions you will ask, eg, about defining goals and visions, best practices, or knowledge management. But the mix of questions is unusual, the order in which they are asked is surprising, and, best of all, the step-by-step solution-focused procedure is truly unique.

Looking forward to this unique developmental intervention with you.


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