Unique Silent Film Live Soundtrack Performance - One Show Only! (if sold out, call 021 424 5927)

THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE (Körkarlen) - Makabra Ensemble Live Soundtrack Performance

Sat Nov 2, 21:00 - Sat Nov 2, 22:30

Labia Theatre



with a live original soundtrack performed by THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE

+ the HorrorFest Halloween dress-up night

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The Makabra Ensemble will give this legendary 1921 Swedish film (directed by Victor Sjöström) a brand new eclectic soundtrack, and perform it live beneath the big screen on Saturday 2 November 2019. 

This will be its debut performance and feature special guests.

This year two special guests will join, including Sara M. Eksteen (of Polar Dust) and Keaton Anthony (aka DJ Grimehouse and one half of New Hero)

(special guest performer: Sara from Polar Dust)

(special guest performer: Keaton Anthony aka Grimehouse)

The Phantom Carriage is based on Nobel prize-winning Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf's book - on New Year's Eve, dying Salvation Army sister Edit has one last wish: to speak with David Holm. David, a drunkard, is sitting in a graveyard, telling his two drinking buddies about his old friend Georges, who told him about the legend that the last person to die each year has to drive Death's carriage and collect the souls of everybody who dies the following year. Georges himself died on New Year's Eve the previous year…

The film features very advanced special effects and narrative devices for its time, like double exposures and flashbacks.

One particular axe wielding scene also served as the inspiration for an unforgettable moment in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining!

Having created new original soundtracks to classic silent films and performing them live for over a decade, THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE returns to their favourite spot beneath the big screen as an institution of the HorrorFest's all-encompassing Halloween celebration.

Here's a taste (from previously performed Italian film Maciste In Hell) :

The Makabra Ensemble will breathe new life into this cinematic classic, the live soundtrack composers & performers consisting of members from TERMINATRYX / LARK / ISOBEL / V.O.D / THE DAMNED CROWS / F8 and special guests Sara M. Eksteen (POLAR DUST) and Grimehouse.

The group utilises a wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments, voice, effects and sound design, giving the film a brand new perspective.