R5 Online Garage Sale Tableview

Sun Sep 15, 15:00 - Tue Dec 10, 15:00


Short version:

What's happening?

I am listing atleast one item (sometimes more) for sale each day as part of my drive to unclutter my home.

When is it happening?

From 10 September 2019 to 10 December 2019.

Where can I view the items?

All you have to do to participate is join the facebook group at facebook.com/groups/R5onlinegaragesale.


First to pay gets the item. Whomever pays for the item first, gets it. I can't 'hold' items for people without payment, but I can keep your items for you if you've paid for it.

Payment options:

Cash (upon pickup), Quicket (buy tickets in advance to ensure when you see the item you really want being listed you can just let me know and I can keep it for you OR take your chances...but I'm warning you...it's a jungle out there...Most items I list sell within the first 10 minutes of being online...hence the Quicket solution).

Pickup and Delivery:

Pickup option - every Saturday between 10:00 and 12:00 at 44 Malgas Road, Flamingo Vlei, 7441.

Delivery option - buy the delivery ticket on Quicket and I'll put all your items in an Aramex bag and courier to you.

Return and refund policy:

None. It's R5 people...and most items are either never used or in very good condition... I'm basically donating them...lol.

Background behind the initiative (long version):

I am an entrepreneur. I work from home and live in Table View. I have a problem finding enough hours in the day to clean and declutter. I also have a problem with finding enough cents to save. I came up with this initiative to try and do both. I will find identify one item in my immediate environment per day that I am willing to give up and I will list said item for R5 in this group and, occasionally, the rest of Facebook. All items will be for pickup in Tableview (time, date & venue to be confirmed per transaction). My idea is to add all the R5's to a fund to help me achieve my business goals, and perhaps, in the process, even help along the Table View economy a bit (I believe in supporting local). I will post updates on goals achieved through this fund from time to time based on interest therein in the group. I appreciate your support :) and have fun shopping for R5! I can't remember the last time I could buy anything for R5 lol. Oh wait, I can, I was 10... BTW if you are reading this and think it is a nifty idea...why not do the same? Lets support each other and see how many dreams we can realise with this project! Who is in?


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