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Natasha Hunter as a finalist to Mrs Western Province 2019 is raising funds to support Dignity Dreams.

What is Dignity Dreams:

Dignity Dreams washable, multi use sanitary pads are SABS absorbency approved and can absorb up to 15 ml of liquid. The washable pads are a completely sustainable solution to a monthly challenge.

ONE Dignity Dreams washable pad is = 144 Disposable pads over 48 months!

Washable pads are washed on COLD using green Sunlight Soap, rinsed, sterilized and softened with salt water. Dry in direct sunlight for extra anti-bacterial protection.

With proper care our pads will last for approximately 4 years.

We are proud that our products comply with 10 out of the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals.

More details and background:

Every woman and girl will, as a normal biological functon, menstruate for approximately 5 days in every 28 day

cycle. This does not stop if there has been a natural disaster or because you are too poor to have a period. It's going

to happen regardless of circumstance and Dignity Dreams is there to help. Every woman will need approximately

260 sanitary towels per annum, if she changes the sanitary pad four times per day, which is recommended but

rarely happens. Whilst disposable sanitary towels are functional, the Dignity Dreams Washable and Reusable multi

use pads over a more sustainable and long term solution to a monthly problem. One Dignity Dreams pads over a 48

month period is equivalent to 144 Pads! This is a completely sustainable solution to a monthly challenge.

In at risk communities, sanitary pads, if available, are very low down on the list of necessities. The disadvantaged

are forced to use paper, leaves, rags or anything else they can get their hands on, often leading to infection.

In many instances young girls commencing their period have no idea what is happening, have no one to turn to and,

because of myths and shame surrounding this most natural of bodily functions, are too afraid to ask for assistance.

The Dignity Dreams Brand not only provides a sustainable solution but includes education in the distribution


In addition to the distribution of the washable sanitary pad, Dignity Dreams further empowers women by

manufacturing the product. Manufacturing is completed by previously disadvantage and unemployed women in

micro businesses supported by Dignity Dreams. Through the Dignity Dreams Incubator programme they skill women

to manufacture their products and through their licensing model hope to replicate its success across the African


Everything Dignity Dreams achieves is by the grace and generosity of donors, sponsors and volunteers, big and small

alike. Dignity Dreams Africa relies on international donor funding and private partnerships for the expansion into


Thank you for your donations.

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Event is online

Fri 20 Sep 2019 at 8:00 AM (SAST)
Fri 20 Sep 2019 at 9:00 AM (SAST)

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Natasha Hunter - Mrs Western Province 2019 Finalist