Stone Age Foraging Workshop

Sun Nov 10, 10:00 - Sun Nov 10, 15:00
Veld and Sea



Based on her research on the diet of early humans in the Cape, Elzanne Singels has

developed this workshop to enable modern humans (you) to experience a day in the

life of our early ancestors. A guided walk, forage, cooking and stone tool production

exercise will show participants how early humans not only survived in the Cape, but

thrived, where the special plants and animals of this mega diverse region shaped

what our species came to be.


The day will begin with a brief presentation of the recent evidence of early human

evolution in the Cape and how we understand they survived from the resources they

could hunt and gather. This presentation will include a brief showcase of the

important stone tools these people used.


Then we will put this newly learnt information to the test, we will have a short walk

and gather food with stone age equipment, after which we will return to the Veld and

Sea cabin to cook and process this food using stone age methods.


At the cabin the main activities will be to process the Watsonia corms into food and

glue, which will be accompanied with drinks for those that are thirsty

Fynbos Martini and G&T: Fynbos infused vermouth and gin drink will be served

Non-alcoholic options: Honeybush Iced Tea and Kombucha

With the fires already going, the Watsonia will be roasted for half an hour, after which

we will process them by removing the husks and expressing as much glue from the

corms as we can. This will be set aside. The corms will be ground into a paste and

set aside for the mash that will be served with mains.


The lunch will consist of a stone age meal with some modern additions to be cooked and enjoyed around the fire, followed by the last and much anticipated activity of the day: Composite stone tool production session.


Starters (Vegan): Watsonia crackers (made from Watsonia flour using a stone age

method) and Veldkool hummus

Mains: Springbok fillet will be braaied and served with Watsonia mash and

fermented indigenous greens

Vegetarian/Vegan option will be available


The glue will be used to produce the composite tools that everyone gets to take

home. With the digging stick that everyone was given at the start of the workshop,

each participant will attach a stone flake to the tip of the stick with the Watsonia glue

and place next to the fire to roast. This process will be repeated many times until the

haft is secure. Everyone can check and reapply their own stone tool before it is time

to go home.

  • What participants will need to bring:

Hiking gear - proper shoes, hat, sunscreen, water bottle

  • What participants will be provided with

Booklet for the event which will include basic info on stone age hunter-gatherer life in

the Cape and the menu. Digging stick, that will later act as a haft for production of

composite stone tool, where they will be provided with stone flake to glue onto the

stick. They will take home the spear. Food and drink.

  • What you will gain from the workshop

Understanding of what a day in the stone age life would have been like

Learn how profoundly important fynbos was in our species evolution

Learn how exactly the plants and animals of the Cape shaped what we are today

How stone tools were produced and used

How early humans cooked (without pots and pans)

What the real paleo-diet consisted off

Cost: R850 per person

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Stone Age Foraging Workshop
Veld and Sea
7976, Plateau Rd, Cape Peninsula, Cape Town, South Africa
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