Certified Search Engine Optimisation Professional Course

Wed Nov 20, 09:00 - Fri Nov 22, 16:30
Block 4, Stratford Office Park


About this SEO Course

SEOPSA Level 1 Certification Course:

This 3-day Search Engine Optimisation Professional certification program will equip you with the relevant skills and tools to optimise and maintain a successful SEO campaign.

Learn how to increase your rankings on Google while attracting

better quality audiences to your website using ethical and Google compliance best practice guidelines.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the Google Algorithm and Important Ranking Signals
  • Learn best-practice for On-Page; Technical and Off-Page SEO Optimisation
  • Understand the latest Google updates and how it impacts your Google Rankings
  • Learn advanced Keyword Research and Optimisation Techniques
  • Discovery the best SEO Tools and Software for Management and Reporting
  • Learn how to improve your Google Organic Rankings, Traffic and Leads

This course is suited to anyone who is interested in obtaining the Level 1 SEOPSA Certification.

Website Owners, Webmasters, Search Engine Marketers, SEO Professionals, Online Content Managers,

Web Copywriters and Digital Marketers will also gain extensive value from attending this programme.

This certificate is endorsed by the Association for Search Engine Optimisation Professionals South Africa (SEOPSA).

The Association for Search Engine Optimisation Professionals South Africa (SEOPSA) is a non-profit organisation established to further the SEO profession in South Africa.

The association strives to promote the interests of the SEO industry through encouraging legitimate practices within the profession while safeguarding the interest of companies through ethical best practice compliance.

In order to achieve this aware, you need to pass the SEOPSA Level 1 Examination (80% pass grade is required). Should you pass, then your SEOPSA Level 1 Certification will be issued and will remain valid for 24 months from date of issue.

Due to the increasing number of changes to the SEO Ranking Factors, students are required to renew the certification every 2 years.

Should you remain up-to-date on SEO, you can attempt the renewal examination when you are due for renewal; however students who do not pass this exam will be required to attend the full course again.

Students who pass the SEOPSA Level 1 Certification Exam will become eligible to attend the Advanced SEOPSA Level 2 Certification.

Book your seat: https://www.bluemagnet.co.za/training/certified-search-engine-optimisation-professional/


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