Knowledge and Pedagogy Symposium and Exhibition

Thu Sep 19, 08:00 - Fri Sep 20, 17:00

NMU North Campus (Conference Centre & Goldfields Auditorium)


The transformation of higher education has been on the cards since the mid 1990's; and has been provided with renewed impetus in 2008 through the Soudien Report and later by way of the #MustFall movement of 2015 - 2016.

To make sense of and share what we are doing and how far we have come, as well as considering what shifts have taken place to guide our future trajectory within the context of the present 'transitions' within the institution and the sector the university community needs to 'check in' with each other gauging and charting the transformation of the academic project.

Focusing on 'knowledge' and 'pedagogy' against the backdrop of the Mandela University Curriculum Statements, this symposium and exhibition have modest, yet exciting objectives:

  • To 'map', that is, develop a 'topography' of how faculties, programmes and entities have and are engaging with transforming and decolonising 'knowledge' and 'pedagogy'; conceptually and practically.

  • Interwoven with the transformation imperatives has been the 'digital revolution', and the increasing dependencies and interdependent on digital technologies to assist us in our work, prepare our students for the future world of 'life and work', and the impact this has on knowledge accessibility, acquisition and pedagogies.

  • The symposium will identify and 'showcase' through presentation, cases of good practice taking place in Nelson Mandela University, and a few other universities in SA.

  • There will also be a visual 'exhibition of praxes' that can employ multiple platforms (posters, maps, photos, etc.) under the heading: 'mapping the academic project.


Knowledge and Pedagogy Symposium and Exhibition
NMU North Campus (Conference Centre & Goldfields Auditorium)
University Way, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6019
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