Six Dogs Gin Present: Dan Patlansky Duo Electric Tour

Sun Nov 3, 13:00 - Sun Nov 3, 19:00
Snatch 32


SAMA winner DAN PATLANSKY, has a brand new set and format for shows for his DUO ELECTRIC tour; a unique and special new offering to fans. DAN was voted the 9th Best Blues Guitarist in the world by Total Guitar & Musicradar in December 2018, and his latest studio offering ‘Perfection Kills’ was voted the #2 Best Blues Rock Album in 2018 by Blues Rock Review USA. DAN also won the SAMA Award for Best Rock Album in 2019 for Perfection Kills. The DUO ELECTRIC tour features DAN on electric guitar joined by a keyboard player Dean Barrett - the first time ever DAN PATLANSKY performs with his electric guitar in intimate settings.

“I have been doing solo acoustic shows between tours for as long as I can remember, and think it is time for a change. This time I am on electric guitar with a keyboard. A good keyboard player can cover a lot of ground, and keys are a massive part of the vision I have for the tour.” - DAN PATLANSKY.

DAN chooses songs specifically to fit the format of the show and his repertoire features songs from his last three albums, and a few other surprises. Fans can look forward to exciting elements to the show such as the rethinking of song arrangements and reinventing existing ideas.?


Six Dogs Gin Present: Dan Patlansky Duo Electric Tour
Snatch 32
32 7th Ave, Randburg, 2193
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