The Influence Breakthrough Sales Summit

Mon Oct 21, 08:00 - Mon Oct 21, 18:30
The Park House of Events on 7


This year’s Influence Breakthrough Sales Summit, brought to you by The Influence Institute and mentalist Gilan Gork, brings you a jam-packed 10 hours of high-performance, transformational and instantly-practical sales training.

Featuring industry thought-leaders including Justin Cohen, Graeme Codrington, Andy Golding, Zanele Njapha, Angelique Daubermann and mentalist Gilan Gork – and the latest Transformational Influence training by mentalist Gilan Gork – with a range of teaching styles from keynote power-talks, masterclasses, interactive exercises, panel discussion and more.

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get…


Do you have a brilliant product or service, and a highly effective sales process, but you’re running out of fresh leads to fill your sales pipeline?

Throughout the day you’ll learn:

·      Lead generation and Prospecting Techniques that Attract in your Dream Customers

·      Cold Calling and Cold Approaches – The Right Way, Without the Awkwardness

·      The ‘Prime & Sort’ Method that Cleverly Builds Influence while Qualifying Prospects Before You’ve Even Committed to Meeting Them (Read: Saving You from Wasting TONS of Time Meeting People Who Don’t End up Buying!)


Do you ever feel that potential customers are more difficult to connect with than before? Research shows that today people are more naturally skeptical than ever, and are impacted by “recession mind-set”. Today your ability to properly connect and influence trust with customers separates the winners from the losers.

You’ll walk away with practical teachings on:

·      The Globally Acclaimed Rapid Influence Formula (Incl. Never-taught-before Expanded Application to Sales and Sales Management)

·      Personal Branding and how to Set Yourself Apart

·      How to Truly Connect with People in a ‘Commoditised’ Sales World


We live in the information age which is why customers and clients know more than ever about the products, services and solutions they’re seeking. Salespeople are no longer the advice gatekeepers. Different rules apply today, and without the correct frameworks to most effectively pitch, persuade and win business, you’ll forever be fighting an uphill battle. 

That’s why we’ve included in the program:

·      Pitch to Win – The Renowned 6-Step Formula by Justin Cohen

·      Closing the Gap Between Prospect and Paying Customer

·      Gilan Gork’s PUTAR Sales Process, a New Way to Navigate the Sales Cycle


The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It’s a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technology advances. Many people fear losing their job “to the robots”, and salespeople’s roles have already started shifting as Artificial Intelligence continues to enter the sales arena.

To help you prepare for the future and create security for your sales, we’ve included these sessions:

·      Graeme Codrington on 8 Skills You Need When the Robots Come for Your Job

·      The 4th Industrial Revolution and what it means to Selling

·      Scalable Selling: Moving from the old way of selling to the new


One of the reasons people attend sales conferences but then don’t experience change, is because their ‘inner game’ of influence is never developed with in a trans-formative way. That’s why there’s as much focus on helping you develop powerful self-influence – because if you only focus on changing outward actions and behaviour without transforming the way you think, then inevitably your actions and behaviours will revert to what they were.

You’ll experience profound inner transformation along the way:

·      Personal Mastery Deep-Dive Workshop: Rewiring your mind for Peak Performance

·      Self-Motivation & Self-Influence Techniques

·      Inspiration Throughout to Give You Clarity and Ignite that Fire in your Belly

Your ticket includes admission to the summit, printed materials and a fully catered lunch plus snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Please note: Tickets are not refundable.

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The Influence Breakthrough Sales Summit
The Park House of Events on 7
Jan Smuts Ave & William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park, Johannesburg, 2196
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