Orchid Show @ Menlo Park

Sat Sep 28, 10:00 - Sat Sep 28, 11:00
GardenShop Menlo Park, Greenlyn Village Centre, Cnr Mackenzie & 13th Streets, Menlo Park


Orchid Show @ Menlo

28th - 29th September 8am - 5pm

Talk will be held on the 28th September 10am - 11am.


Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants and are one of the oldest flowers in existence. Since varieties of orchids are found all over the world, it has been accepted that orchids were in existence prior to the separation of the continents. There are more than 25,000 documented orchid species throughout the world. This means that the number of orchids on the planet is four times the number of birds and four times the number of mammals! That’s A LOT of orchids!! Although generally thought of as a tropical plant, orchids grow on every continent.

From the Arctic Circle to the southernmost jungle (except Antarctica). They’re valued and thought of as beautiful across continents and cultures with varying meanings and customs surrounding their existence.

Orchid plants can live up to 100 years old and have become one of the most popular houseplants of all time.

Join Frikkie Marais from North Gauteng Orchid Society on the 28th September 2019 @ 10am for a FREE Talk & Demo on Orchid Care.

The Talk will involve:

  • Dividing Orchids
  • Basic Care
  • Mounting of Orchids




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